Remembering Birth. Remembering Death.

It's been two years since I checked into Betty Ford/Hazenden Treatment Center. Two years of sobriety, two years of living in recovery.  I never imagined.  But I feel that way every day.  I just never imagined I'd ever go for any time without drinking.  Yet here I am.  Today is actually the day after my birthday, and it's actually a somber day.  Last year, the day after my birthday, the daughter of one of my parishioners died from alcoholism.  She was only in her 40's and she left 2 small children behind.  As I sat with her and her family and prayed with them on her last days, it was not lost on me that she was me.  Why am I the one praying over and not the one being prayed for?  How is it that I escaped her fate (at least as of today.). A day after will follow every birthday I have, and that day will be the anniversary of this young woman's death.  On my birthday, April 24,  I celebrate by adding another butterfly to my arm.  The day after, April 25,  I remember what I am avoiding...  One day at a time.

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