Recovering or Repenting: Same Thing

An article/ad I submitted to our local paper called The Reflector.

My name is Pastor Susan Boegli and I am in recovery from alcoholism.  I wanted to share my thoughts regarding the process of my recovery and the journey toward God.  For me, they’re one in the same.  The word “repent” has a bad wrap.  What comes to mind for many of us is the image of a street-corner evangelists warning those passing by that the world is doomed.  For me, the word “repent” simply means “to change one’s thinking.”  In recovery, I’ve had to change my thinking about a lot of things.  For example, I’ve changed my thinking about alcoholism being a disease rather than a choice.  I’ve changed my thinking that I can only have fun when I’m drinking.  I’ve changed my thinking that it’s possible for me to become sober, with the help of God.  

My recovery requires self-refection, righting where I have wronged others, study of those also in recovery, and a lot of prayer.  My spiritual journey requires an effort to “know thyself,” confession, diving into Scripture and readings from spiritual gurus across the world and throughout time, and of course, a whole lot of prayer.  Sharing my recovery and spiritual journey, and listening to and pondering the journey of others, is what I call “church.”  

You are invited to join us on this sacred journey to a “new way of thinking,” because I believe that how we think effects how we live.  We at Battle Ground Community United Methodist Church strive to have the same mind as Christ Jesus and live in the manner he lived – simply by loving God and loving ALL our neighbors, no exceptions.

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