500 Days

 It’s been 500 days since I’ve had a drink or smoked a joint.  500 days of being on this twelve step journey toward dependence on God and living a life that is joyful, peaceful, fulfilling, creative, empowering, and more…. I told my sponsor last week and those at my meeting yesterday that I don’t feel any longer that I HAVE TO go to meetings.  I’ve shifted into the grateful feeling of I GET TO go to meetings.

I have come to realize and experience that this journey of recovery is pulling me deeper and deeper into a spiritual health that I knew existed but didn’t ever believe I would have the good fortune of experiencing.  Last night I shared in a meeting that I truly wish everyone was an alcoholic so they too could embark on a program like this one.  I wasn’t serious about everyone being an alcoholic of course, but I am serious about the blessing that this journey is and how I deeply wish everyone had 12 simple (but super hard) steps to growing closer and closer to their Higher Power as they understand Him/Her.

It’s true, I am on what AA’s call a pink cloud, but for now, I’m just soaking it all in. So taking one day at a time, I am looking forward to writing my post when I reach 1000 days… God willing

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