The Most Dangerous Combination

Boredom and Anxiety.  Two things that make me want to fall off the wagon.  My non-addict friends and family are drinking far more than usual as we're all shut-in with this Corona Virus pandemic.  They joke about having cases of wine delivered to their home since they're not supposed to go out.  Did you know that wine is essential?  Did you ever imagine that like pizza delivery, there could be booze delivery?  I didn't see that coming.

I'm grateful that I don't live alone, cause if I did, no telling how far off the wagon I would fall.  I'll have three years of sobriety on April 24th and I'd like to keep it that way.  Anyway, this shut-in business is taking a toll on everyone, most especially my alcoholic and addict friends who don't have meetings to go to.  They're trying to do Zoom meetings, but it's just not the same.

Anyway, along with all your prayers for those who are getting sick, and those whose mental health is being challenged, and those who are running out of ideas to keep their kids busy, let's also include all those addicts out there who are on the brink of losing their sobriety due to the most dangerous combination:  boredom and anxiety.

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