Church Before Church


On my first Sunday at my newly appointed church, I approached the front door and there on the sidewalk was a big sign that simply said AA.  Imagine my surprise!  On a Sunday morning I could have church before I had church!!

I walked in a bit late and sat at the back of the room.  There were about 12 people spread out and another 10 on a big screen via ZOOM.  

CONFESSION:  It's been a lllllooooooonnnnnnggggg time since I've been to a meeting.  

Sitting in the back of that room, listening to the efforts, failures and successes of real people living real lives and doing all in their power to completely depend on God was a breath of fresh air.

I've said before that there are times when AA feels more like church than church.  I believe that is because if alcoholics don't fully depend on God there is a strong likelyhood that they will spiral back into hell.  That experience keeps many living a God-centered life to the best of their ability.

Leading worship is not church for me because I'm leading church.  Sitting in that room, soaking up the wisdom and support of my peers, felt like I was actually going to church.  WOW!  What an incredible surprise - church before church.  Amen.

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