5 Years and Counting!


5 years…. Wow! When I stood before my congregation and read a letter where I admitted I was an alcoholic and my life had become unmanageable, I could never picture the day when I would stand in front of my congregation and celebrate the past five years completely sober.  


I’ve learned so much about living well since I’ve been in recovery.  I’ve learned about how to grow in my faith.  How to practice what I preach.  How to spread the Gospel of love and grace.  


When I went to AA meetings, I would hear the “old-timers” say that they were a grateful alcoholic.  That concept was so foreign to me and made me outright angry.  But now, I can’t call myself an “old-timer” after five years, but I can proclaim that I too am a grateful alcoholic.  I’m grateful that I’m alive.  I’m grateful that my life is manageable with the help of my Higher Power.  I’m grateful that my relationships with the most important people in my life are stronger and continue to grow in love.  I’m grateful that I can support and sympathize with others who struggle.  But most of all, more than anything, I’m grateful for the gifts from my Higher Power. These gifts of hope, faith, love, and joy are transforming.  They are gifts I have the privilege of sharing with others.  These gifts help me live my life, to the best of my ability, as a follower of a peasant carpenter who lived 2,000 years ago. Oh! how grateful I am for these past 5 years.  

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