Morning Prayer

Morning prayer is essential for my recovery/salvation.  I recently went to a Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop at a monastery in Idaho and I learned how to just sit with God, letting my thoughts (which we're continually bombarded with) float by and practicing detachment from them.  Sitting with God without attaching myself to my thoughts as they go by is the most centering exercise I've practiced.  Nothing dramatic happens.  I don't have any angels singing, or light experienced, but the tenor of my day following this prayer is a peaceful one.  I'm content.  I'm less anxious, less stressed and more compassionate to myself and others.

On days when I don't make time for these 20 minutes, I tend to be more harried, anxious and fretful.  Prayer is one of the most important recovery tools in any 12 step program and I find my AA friends take their prayer life much more seriously than some in my congregation.  Why?  I think it's because they know their life depends upon their connection with the Divine.  I know mine does.

Hope you find some time to center every day, connect with your Higher Power, and find the peace and serenity we all need to be transformed into the creatures our Creator created us to be.

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